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National Auctioneers Week

April 30th-May 5th

The week, from April 30-May 5,

 will be a great time for NAA members to celebrate their clients, highlight community involvement and leadership, volunteerism, and business success!


The goal of this year's NAA "Success with our #NAAPro" campaign is to seize upon and continue the momentum achieved by the "#auctionswork/#NAAPro" campaign in 2016 and 2017's "Success with our #NAAPro" initiative. 


Those efforts saw an unprecedented engagement level from members that resulted in more than three-quarters of a million members of the general public seeing or hearing the message that auctions work, especially when managed by an NAA auction professional. 


It's time for members to highlight themselves and the auction industry again!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Early Registration DEADLINE

2018 NAA International Auctioneers Conference and Show

NAA Conference and Show: Where business gets done

69th International Auctioneers Conference & Show

Expore the Possibilities

July 17-21   I    Jacksonville, FL    I    #NAACS18



Members talking to other members. Members talking to vendors. Those impromptu meetings at Conference and Show can lead to big things. But, you can't make those meetings happen if you aren't there!


Now isn't a good time to register for #NAACS18 in Jacksonville, Fla. It's a GREAT time! 


Jacksonville offers plenty for the family, and the Conference offers the best place in 2018 to meet hundreds (if not 1,000) of like-minded auction professionals who are ready to meet you in hallways, at social events, or maybe for an evening get-together to discuss future business.


Register NOW! >


Featured Member for the Month of July 2018



Pedersen & Pedersen

Auctions, Inc.

Michael Pedersen

LA Lic# 622

2350 N. Beglis Parkway

Sulphur, LA 

ph: 337-494-1333


Looking for an Online Auction Firm? 

Congratulations 2018 Louisiana State Bid Calling Champion        John Nutt

Congratulations to our new 2018 Louisiana Bid Calling Champion John Nutt and Reserve Bid Calling Champion Wendi Doyle

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