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Louisiana Auctioneers Association

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Why Join the LAA?

1. Access to education and training. Industry association leads directly to advanced education and training programs, which help you maintain your edge and keep your skills sharp and current.
3. Access to membership directories. Maintain directories, in which members' businesses are listed. This can help you increase your exposure to new markets and potential clients.
4. Competitive advantage. Taking advantage of association resources can help you earn and maintain an edge over non-member competitors, thanks to access to inside information and advanced training opportunities.
5. Access to certification and licensing programs. Support member certification and licensing initiatives, both required and optional. This offers you an excellent opportunity to diversify and expand your skill set, qualifications and marketability.
6. Inside access to innovations and new developments. Helping you stay on top of new products, services and innovations within your industry, helping you maintain a competitive and informational edge.
7. Opportunities to give back to the community. You can use your membership to share your knowledge with other member businesses and promote a stronger sense of community cooperation. Donations to charity events and provide member volunteer support and participation as a group.
8. Networking opportunities. Perhaps the most important benefit of joining the LAA is we provide you with an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals and entrepreneurs in your field.

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