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Letter from the President April 15, 2016

Fellow Auctioneer’s and Association Members:


As the current president of the Louisiana Auctioneer’s Association I would like to inform all auctioneers in the state of Louisiana that the LAA and its members have unanimously voted for the requirement of continuing education to our industry, during the past two conventions. Contrary to what some people are saying the LAA is adamant that the continuing education courses be available online as an option for course completions. Without the online option availability to all auctioneers to complete the hours required to maintain your auction license the LAA will reverse its decision on the requirements of continuing education.

The LAA convention is scheduled annually for the first weekend in June, will offer the required courses to obtain your CE obligations if this law is passed. By continuing to schedule the LAA convention the first weekend of June (Friday-Saturday), you can note it on your calendar yearly. What better way to obtain your course hours than through state, national and international speakers that are knowledgeable, informative and active in the auction industry and aware of current auction trends and laws. At the LAA Convention you will not only be able to complete your required course hours but also interact with local auctioneers, network, actively participate in Q & A seminars, and if you wish to enter; state bid-calling competitions and advertising competitions with numerous categories. The LAA convention will be your most informative and fun way, to not only complete your CE requirements but you will leave the convention with a renewed and motivated attitude, appreciating the auction industry we all are proud to be involved in.  Once again, let me state that due to scheduling conflicts or unforeseen circumstances concerning your attendance at the convention the position of the LAA is that the CE program for auctioneers must be, and has to be” available to be taken through the online process.


Special Note:

The CE program lends credence and professionalism to the auction industry and will only enhance our image to the public as the most advantageous way to dispense of surplus or no longer needed assets. As stated here-in the LAA invites you to be a member and attend our state convention but the matter concerning CE goes way beyond any membership or convention attendance. The public’s perception of the auction industry as a professional organization is what’s at stake.


If you have any questions call me at 225-413-1355 or email wiley@hendersonauctions.com.


Chant Away & Hammer Down!

Wiley Collins

LAA President

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